Our Story

My brother Matthew and I share one of the strongest bonds between siblings that I have ever seen. If you know us at all, you would immediately say this bond is shared through our love of baseball. The bond has grown tighter because of our continuous search for the most up-to-date resources that will help us develop into the best baseball player we can be. We have spent hundreds and thousands of hours training in the weight room, on the field, and in our basement together. Our training always seems to occur during a summer when we were probably recovering from injury or preparing for an upcoming season where one of us seemed bound to injure something new. Matthew and I are way too familiar with out-of-season training. We have had eight surgeries between the two of us, and three (potentially a 4th) redshirts. You might think, why the hell are these guys choosing to write about baseball development when they can never stay healthy? After all of the surgeries, rehabs, and time spent searching for answers for our injuries, we both believe we have made strides bigger than we have before to make us better ballplayers.

Matthew is completely healthy for his first time in college and preparing for his senior year at Babson College. I am preparing for my second, but first full year of Professional Baseball with the Normal Cornbelters in the Frontier League.

During the Winter Meetings for MLB in 2017, I received multiple phone calls from Matthew each day in his pursuit for his first internship with an MLB club. He shared his excitement from successful conversations, interviews, and high level front office personal he met. One common theme Matthew shared with me was the need to develop some sort of portfolio or research of his own in baseball analytics, operations, and development. A phone call to follow was from an excited Matthew who had an idea. Matthew wanted to start a baseball blog/media platform to share what he has learned in his baseball journey where he is starting to find his niche. Matthew asked me if I would like to join him and focus on the pitching side of things. The more we discuss this idea, the more we realize that this can be way more than just sharing what we have learned. We want to give baseball players a place to learn about all facets of the game. Whether that is in their own player development, or learning how to look at Major League Baseball through a more analytical lens to hearing the untold stories of those across the baseball industry.

Matthew and I hope to use this platform as a place to foster creative thinking and research about baseball. Our goal is to give fans, players and coaches alike a place to go to learn about all facets of baseball and spark conversations that better develop your knowledge and passion for it.  

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