Player Progression Feature #1: Luke Bolka

by: Jonathan de Marte – January 30th, 2018

Here we have East Carolina University 2017 graduate/free agent, Luke Bolka (drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 34th round of the 2013 MLB Draft).

Luke has been working with Strength and Movement Coach Andrew Lysy at RVA Athletes for six weeks, and the improvements are really starting to show!

Notice the difference in Luke’s back-hip and back-knee in the two images:  Bottom image – Luke is able to keep positive disconnect between his upper and lower-half, glove-side and arm-side. While his front side is moving toward the target, his back knee, hip, and torso are slightly facing outward, towards first base. This positioning will allow Luke to generate more energy, power, and conviction in the direction of home plate, whereas, in the top image, Luke’s back-side tension is broken and driving towards home plate slightly early.

Loading the hips correctly can be a tough adjustment to make on the mound. Learning how to hinge at the hip in the anatomically correct movement/position will assist throwers in driving with their hips in the most powerful way possible. Proper movements from the foot through the hip and the low back up through the head will allow the body to find this powerful position of positive disconnect. Loading the hip correctly during training, workouts, and everyday movements will hopefully yield a more powerful backside drive off the mound, leading to a potential increase in velocity.

If you would like to learn more about the role of the back hip in pitching, the importance of hip hinging in training, and how the two connect, stay tuned later this week and in the coming months as Andrew Lysy at RVA Athletes will dive deeper into this topic.


Andrew Lysy:

Twitter/Instagram: ALysyStrength

Email – Cell – 908-420-8745

RVA Athletes – 804-441-2804

Luke Bolka:

Cell – 804-658-9100 Twitter/Instagram: @luke_bolka13


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