SOTG Partner: Andrew Lysy

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As a former college pitcher and intern at Cressey Sports Performance, I work with more baseball players than any other sport. I want to help educate baseball players around the world on the most optimal way to move, get stronger, become more powerful, while lowering their risk of injury. Or, on the other side, I want to help educate those who are already hurting on a way to feel better. I want to educate athletes on what 19-year-old Andrew Lysy, post Tommy John Surgery, would have liked to learn so he could have thrown without consistent elbow pain.

I am currently working on bettering myself every single day. I continue to read, listen, educate myself, train, etc., every day so I can continue to help educate those around me and make sure they receive the most optimal product out there. I would be doing a disservice to what SOTG is trying to build if I didn’t continue to become better every day.

I am helping SOTG by putting out exercise content, anatomy content, throwing programs, throwing progressions, etc., so we can help baseball players all over the country stay healthy and reach their full potential.

I am not one that enjoys the spotlight so I’m not looking for more social media followers. Working with SOTG is helping me by allowing me to get better at coaching by allowing me to put out content. When I was at my internship, Eric Cressey told me he would like to see me work on portraying my message more optimally; basically, less words. Recording videos really keeps you on the top of your game, especially if we are trying to reach as many athletes as possible. The goal is to portray a relatable message as fast as you can. Well, on instagram, as fast as you can stops at a minute. Because of the preparation, I am able to become a better coach by improving the message I want to convey.

Why SOTG? Because I really like Jon. I enjoy watching his vision of what he is trying to create. Jon and Matt are very passionate about what they are trying to portray. Passion is something that can’t be bought.

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