SOTG Partner: Mark Poli


After graduating from Babson College in December, 2017, I decided to travel globally in pursuit of gaining more exposure, education, and experience in my passion for movement  and nutrition. I am a believer and follower of the Ido Portal method of movement. I have experienced his work as an online student and have trained more closely with some of his students in various gyms around the world. I have also worked different positions at an organic food company which provided me valuable experience and further knowledge on the concept and application of proper nutrition. Currently I am living and spending time in Australia and other Southeast-Asian countries, working closely with practitioners of movement each day.

As a former collegiate baseball player who suffered from various injuries, I am aware of the importance of proper training and nutrition. I would like to help create a more holistic and sustainable approach toward applying these concepts. I believe my work and experience in both fields will help provide SOTG with additional information on how to optimize these approaches for their athletes and followers.

I will work to assist in providing content and tips on movement training and nutritional benefits for SOTG followers to add to daily routines. These are initiatives I will be preparing throughout my time abroad and cannot wait to share with SOTG when I return!

SOTG is assisting me in providing a platform to share my experiences and passion for movement. Especially in regards to helping baseball players seek a more complete approach to training, as I believe my career would have benefited greatly had I received this information whilst playing.

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