SOTG Partner: 1Side Performance

1Side Performance, at its heart and soul, is an idea- that we are all athletes, and we are all on 1 mission, on 1 path, engaged in 1 program…There is no in-season vs. offseason…there is no right vs. wrong way to train, to operate…there is only 1 everlasting hunt for 1Sided Performance. Join the hunt, and the last team you’ll ever play for.


1Side operates exactly where you are standing (hopefully!)- but seriously, there is no consistent destination for this style of training- and that’s the point…What we can say is that 1Side operates in space, because it’s an idea! For the majority of the time, programming and training is physically executed in the Northern Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess County, New York. I am constantly learning about, teaching, and training higher levels of movement and thought awareness, on a minute to minute basis. Sometimes, that happens to coincide with teaching a room full of athletes, sometimes it’s just me and a Kettlebell, per say.

I have worked with and trained alongside the founders of Students of the Game for decades, and I feel great association and allegiance to the movement that the brand is beginning to generate.

In a mutual respect, I believe what I do and how I chose to live life will always be connected to SOTG. Currently, this presents itself in the form of movement assessment for athletes, program design/consultation/collaboration- as well as networking my own brand to intensify the overall goals for Player/Athlete Development, on a national-one day global scale. As one hand-feeds the other, two networks can become one- SOTG is assisting 1Side with awareness across social media platforms, and by way of various communication across the internet. This function is separate, yet strongly connected to all aspects of technical day-to-day execution of developmental programs being administered to 1Side athletes and teams alike.

I would offer the 1Side idea to be known/integrated into the proverbial “matrix” and allow that to organically manifest into whatever it needs (or is meant to) become. The 1Side mantra, if you will, is to do all that is necessary, and nothing more. Thus, the impact will be only what it needs to be. The possibilities are infinite, and I don’t feel like it is up to any individual to force, predict or quantify for that matter. To be more blunt- as an individual- I will always provide honest and genuine opinions and belief for SOTG- if I feel it is consistent with the 1Side “Way.” SOTG is a brand/movement that 1Side can grow within, and be a part of. SOTG offers an honest and genuine service that will only benefit the open-minded athlete and coach. The more “wokeness” we can have as collective conduits of athlete development, the more balance there can be in the universe!

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