SOTG Partner: Jason Hirsh FAST Arm Care

I am the owner and lead instructor at FAST Arm Care in Denver, Colorado. We focus on developing strong, healthy arms through reinforcement of proper arm path, arm care protocols and drill work.  FAST does not believe in playing games just to play games. Rather, we believe in development of athletes’ strength, mechanics and overall baseball knowledge to give them the advantage over their competition.

I am currently hosting SOTG founder Matthew de Marte as he plays in the Mile High Collegiate Baseball League in Denver.  This is my first summer owning the league. The MHCBL is a league focused on the development of college players. The MHCBL gives them an outlet to try new things, hone skills and improve their play so they can not only make their college program, but be a contributing factor to its success.

By partnering with SOTG, we bring a similar mindset of development and experience working with athletes over the last 5 years to a data driven, forward-thinking baseball centered company looking to make an impact in the baseball community.

SOTG is providing FAST with exposure, not just to a new audience but to a new way of thinking about data and how it can help us develop our players to be more competitive with the skills they possess. We hope to provide an experience and exposure to a different baseball market outside their normal comfort zone.  Baseball differs not only city to city but state to state. Development methodology and mindset also differ coast to coast. FAST offers an insight to how baseball is played and developed in the Rocky Mountains.

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