Jonathan de Marte Throwing Program

by: Jonathan de Marte – June 24th, 2018

For the 2017-2018 off-season, I wrote a throwing program for myself in order to prepare for the season. Students of the Game preaches the benefits of having a consistent routine and this program reflects consistency, attention to detail, and accountability to complete what I had outlined for myself. You will see slight and subtle increases in the quantity and volume of throws each week. Throwing programs can be designed to increase arm strength, stamina, and avoid a period of intense soreness and shock on the arm when game-like throwing begins. For the month of April, I entered a bullpen phase of throwing where I endured more days of throwing per week, shortened distance, and a slight increase in the number of pitches each session. This style helped me prepare as a reliever to for multiple days off the mound per week and having the ability to pitch on days that my arm does not feel 100%.

One of SOTG’s goals this upcoming Fall and Winter is to write throwing programs for athletes of any age. We will have a submission process for information such as age, injury history, strength and movement training regimen, position, desired outcome so we can customize a program specifically for you to reach your full potential. For more information about my throwing program or related content, feel free to contact us at or @SOTG_Baseball on Twitter and Instagram!

*Keep in mind, I was on a consistent strength and movement regimen throughout the entire time of this throwing program, and the months leading up to it. Coach Andrew Lysy prescribed me with 3 lift, and 2 movement/mobility days per week.*

*You will find that the April, “Bullpen Phase” of this throwing program is missing. This time during a throwing program is something that I want to explore more in the future, and for these reasons I decided to hold-off on releasing this part of my throwing program. If you have any questions about this feel free to reach out to me at the email given above!*

Use the following table as a key to which kind of plyoball I used when performing different drills:

Here is my throwing program:

Break from throwing until 2/6 to focus on strength and movement program.

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