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SOTG team – July 17th, 2018

We wanted to take the time to make you all aware of what we have been working on over the past few weeks and what to expect in the future.  

Jonathan is currently in his second professional season pitching for the Normal Cornbelters in the Frontier League, and Matthew just wrapped up his summer season playing in the Mile High Collegiate Baseball League in Denver, Colorado. We have been hard at work, upgrading our platform’s infrastructure and preparing to provide even more content and offerings in the future.     

SOTG has become an official LLC! This allows us to offer more and have the ability to be more hands on working with players to provide data-driven solutions to help them improve their game. Since SOTG has become an official LLC, our team decided it would be beneficial to rebrand our social media handles so we changed our handle from @StudentsOfTGame to@SOTG_Baseball. This decision was made to keep our social media handles consistent with our LLC.

Since SOTG’s launch on January 2nd, we have seen tremendous growth. SOTG has over 1,100 Instagram followers, and over 600 Twitter followers. The number of views we receive per article has grown dramatically, along with traffic drawn to our website. SOTG has partnered with numerous outstanding members of the baseball community, from New York to Florida, and Illinois to Colorado. During the process of becoming a LLC, we have begun to develop products and services that will expand our impact on the baseball community such as:

  • The addition of an online store coming in the next week for merchandise will help our following feel more of a connection with the SOTG brand.
  • Matthew will be back in Westchester County, New York later this week and will remain in NY starting Graduate School at Manhattanville College this fall while playing on their baseball team. Hitting lessons will be offered to individuals, groups, and teams. If you are interested in hitting lessons, please email Matthew at
  • Jonathan will offer customized throwing programs to any ballplayer. He plans to provide individuals or teams with a routine throwing program that can be adjusted to meet each ballplayers specific needs. All pitchers or players who purchase a throwing program will be asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding their playing experience, injury history, goals, and requested duration of time. This will allow Jonathan to customize the throwing program specifically for the individual. Jonathan will also monitor the program by checking in, allowing an open line of communication so any needed changes can be made. Jonathan will analyze video for the thrower if he or she would like.
  • This winter, Matthew will be running a collegiate winter hitting program for those willing to travel to Northern Westchester. Hitters who participate in the program will have access to objective data-driven tools, such as: Blast Motion Swing Sensor and HitTrax to aid in development. Those who participate in the program will also have a variety of options for how they would like to use the program.Hitters have free reign to be left alone and swing with no interference. For those looking into hands on work with a hitting coach, Matthew can work with you to help create a better swing and find the movement pattern that best allows you to succeed. Hitters can choose to do a “Weighted Bat Program” Matthew has designed. The weighted bat training will last the entirety of the winter session for those who choose this route with the goal of increasing exit velocity and building a better swing. If you are interested in the program and want to reserve a spot, email Estimates for program specifics will be given for those who email.
  • This winter, SOTG will be releasing our very own, 8 week, “Weighted Bat Program.” Matthew created the program and he along with a teammate tested it out this summer. SOTG is confident we have created a program that will help hitters hit the ball harder, farther, more consistently. Although, the sample size of the program is rather small with two hitters through 6 weeks; each of our peak exit velocities have increased over 4 MPH, average exit velocity during a BP session 5 MPH, and max distance for both of us has increased over 30 feet. SOTG is excited to offer a remote hitting program to help hitters around the world improve. Those who purchase the SOTG weighted bat program will have access to consult with Matthew at anytime with questions, and he will monitor your progress to ensure you are maximizing your results from the program.
  • SOTG will be diving into the podcast realm. We have three more interviews that will be conducted in our typical Q&A form. After that, all interviews will be conducted in podcast format. SOTG will also start releasing our own podcasts conducted by the SOTG team that focus on different analytical and training topics. We believe this will allow us to explore more topics to help educate and spark a desire to learn amongst our following, and give them another outlet to consume our content.
  • We have added a new member to the SOTG team! Peter Bayer, a RHP in the Oakland Athletics organization has joined our team. Pete created @47Performance, a brand dedicated to educating pitchers on new school training methods, and will the “Throwing Specialist” with SOTG. A trainee at Driveline Baseball, Pete will offer incredible knowledge and insight into training to maximize your potential. He will help players best utilize data-driven training from a  pitcher’s perspective. Pete will focus on content creation regarding pitching, training, mobility, data for pitcher’s, and blog posts regarding pitching. We are excited to have him aboard!

An announcement regarding the open position will be coming out very soon. SOTG is looking to add an analytics writer to join our team in the fall. Specifics regarding what this role will entail will be included in our post, tomorrow. If interested in analytics, looking for an analytics based role to boost your resume for a front office, or looking to write about baseball, we have a great opportunity for you! Be on the lookout for our post tomorrow to receive more information on the new position.

       Thank you to all who have made the first 6+ months of SOTG a great experience! We are excited for what the future has in store for us, to expand our offerings, and continue to be your guide to a new generation of baseball!

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