SOTG Job Posting: Analytics Writer

SOTG is looking to expand with the addition of a writer who will focus on baseball analytics. The job will require 1 – 3 blog posts per month, exploring a topic regarding baseball through an analytical lens. The writer will have creative freedom to explore whatever topics he or she would like. SOTG is looking for someone with the desire to be a sports journalist, or work in a front office, baseball analytics or operations position. The team member can use this role as a tool to elevate their  candidacy to break into the baseball industry as a writer or analyst.

SOTG is looking for the following qualities in prospective candidates:

  • A strong knowledge of baseball analytics, statistics, and baseball applications of mathematics.
  • Experience using Excel.
  • Coding knowledge is preferred. (R studio or Python. SQL if possible as well).
  • An unbiased lens to view the game of baseball and a desire to continue to learn and grow as an analyst.
  • Knowledge of statcast metrics and ability to analyze and interpret them.
  • Ability to create data visualizations in your content.

This role will serve as an unpaid internship. There are many benefits to working for SOTG:

  • Gain valuable experience as a writer.
  • Develop a portfolio of independent research that can be presented to hiring managers in the future.
  • Given the freedom to explore and learn about sabermetrics, and develop skills to improve as an analyst.
  • Valuable exposure of your name and working closely with members of the baseball community.
  • Learning to work in a small team and develop skills to succeed as a start-up business.
  • Serving as a member of a growing business/platform that is continuing to push the boundaries of baseball analytics and player development forward.

To apply and become SOTG’s newest team member please email with:

  • A copy of your resume and cover letter.
  • Any relevant independent research.
  • Your experience with Excel, and programming platforms.
  • A sample article you have written (2000 word limit and can be your independent research).

We are excited to expand the SOTG team and be able to add another member who will create quality content for our following!

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