Matthew de Marte – Co-Founder

*Matthew is now employed by the Los Angeles Angels and is currently their Baseball Operations Player Development Intern and is no longer a contributor at SOTG.*

“Baseball has always been my biggest passion. My goal is to learn as much as I can about baseball through an open mind that will allow me to be curious and objective in a quest to become a true student of the game. The game of baseball we all know and love has evolved to one powered by analytics and data-driven player development. As I started to hear about analytics and tools such as weighted balls in high school, I was skeptical and caught up in traditional teachings. I was narrow-minded and naive to the new direction baseball was headed. I entered college after undergoing hernia surgery a couple of days before my freshman orientation at Babson College, followed by almost three years of undiagnosed Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. During this time, I started to expand my viewpoints, research sabermetrics, and the new wave of player development. What I learned challenged nearly everything I had been taught, and I began buying into the new realms of baseball. The evolution of baseball dramatically sparked my interests and made me want to learn as much as I possibly can. With all the new information, a found a desire to try to pursue a career in baseball operations. After making this decision, I became even more obsessed to learn as much as I possibly could about baseball. This quest for truth and answers has increased my knowledge of baseball and made me eager to share this journey with others. When I had this idea, I wanted to create a platform with my brother. Our relationship is built on our love of the game and a desire to be the best players, students, and teachers of baseball as possible. Together, we hope to change the lens through which our followers view baseball and its new generation. I do not want our followers to adopt my thoughts and viewpoints about the game, but rather I want to inspire players, coaches, and fans to search for and develop their own answers. If SOTG can do this then we will have achieved our goal in inspiring the new generation of baseball.”

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