Matt Carlin – Co-Director Analytics

Growing up, I always had an innate desire to be around baseball.  Whether it was playing/training at the highest level possible, watching as a fan, or consuming all I could about the game’s history, statistics and intricacies, I prided myself on being a true student of the game.  Matthew and I were first teammates at age 13, our first year with the Taconic Rangers showcase program, and I had met Jonathan down at a James Madison tournament where he taught me a slider minutes before my start (I used it to get out of a bases loaded jam that day).

I was fortunate enough to take my talents to Tufts University to play baseball, and it did not go as planned.  As my collegiate career went into a tailspin, I felt my passion for the game slightly eroding. This was right around the same time I discovered the Tufts Baseball Analytics Club, which let me look at the game in a different, and more analytical, light (as well as allow me to continue writing school assignments pertaining to baseball).  Through Tufts BAT, I had the opportunity to present with my team in the Diamond Dollars case competition at Columbia University, as well as conduct my own research on topics I felt were interesting. At the time, however, I felt that looking at baseball from a truly arbitrary and sometimes overwhelming perspective only exacerbated my growing frustrations with the game.  Matthew and I stayed in touch throughout school, as Babson and Tufts are both proud members of the”just outside Boston club,” and since inception, I have been a loyal SOTG follower. Over time, I grew increasingly interested in what Matthew and Jonathan were creating (I remember thinking woah they actually interviewed Chris Taylor, ESPN can’t even get that). I am still an avid reader and look forward to #MobilityMonday and content from Andrew Lysy to wake up what is left of my shoulder and back.  My senior spring, I began to get the itch again. Partly because it was my first spring without baseball, and partly because during a visit to Babson, I took my first cage swings in a while. I wanted to get back into the game as more than just a fan. Playing was out of the question, and although I enjoyed writing, I wasn’t ready to share my work with the world. This past summer, before I started my “real world job,” I began my coaching career. I loved being able to share my experiences and views on the game while also learning as much as I could as fast as I could.  Needless to say, the desire was back and I was ready to become a student again. About a month ago, I realized I missed writing and analyzing the game at a high level and wanted to do so in my free time. I gave Matthew a call, and I feel extremely fortunate that himself, Jonathan and Jack have given me a shot, and welcomed me aboard their growing platform.

As an analytics writer at SOTG, I look forward to presenting some of the statistics and theories guiding the next generation of baseball in a straightforward and clear manner.  Additionally, I hope to be able to create a nice blend of analytics, strategy and insights to draw light on some interesting topics within our game today.

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