Jeff Adams – Co-Director Analytics

No one talks about the past quite like a former athlete. As a proud member of that elite subset of the population, I could talk for hours about my experiences from the highs of traveling the country playing for some of the top showcase programs in the Mid-Atlantic to the lows of being told as a freshman I would never walk properly again after a training accident. And you know what? Most of what I’d have to say might even be true, but baseball, to me, is so much more than a list of accolades or might’ve beens. In all my years of playing, I never stopped learning new wrinkles or layers to the game. As a native of Norfolk, Virginia, I played with and was coached by some of the best people in country. Without great influences like Paul Shows, Adam Wisniewski, and the late Al Walke, I would not have continued to develop my passion for baseball.

With my playing days coming to a close at Tufts University, I found a new way to channel that passion. In an econometrics class my junior year, I was exposed to advanced statistical analysis and was blown away by how much I enjoyed working with numbers. For the first time, I realized that I had the tools to explore the ideas about baseball that I had running through my head at all hours of the day.

As I moved on from the diamond to behind a desk in downtown Boston, I kept up with Matt Carlin and kept hearing about SOTG from him. I have wanted to find a forum to discuss the increasingly more complex ways that data science is being used to understand baseball and I believe that I’ve found that platform in SOTG.  I’m looking forward to being be able to discuss baseball at a high level and discuss sabermetrics with a wider audience. I am personally very interested in defensive metrics and how they could be improved with the introduction of Statcast data and more advanced statistical techniques.

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