Matt Webster – Analytics Writer

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is the age-old question for young kids throughout their childhood. Whether I was telling my parents, my teachers, or my friends, the answer was always the same: to become an MLB player. I was holding a baseball bat in my hands before I could walk, and constantly asked my parents if they would play catch with me when I started running around the house. Once they realized I could throw the ball all day long, they rearranged the couches in our living room so a full wall was exposed and I could throw off that. I spent hours upon hours with my foam ball and Thomas the Tank Engine plastic glove (that thing was awesome), doing the Jeter jump throw off the couch and playing a never-ending game.

As is the case with all of us at SOTG, baseball is my first love, comprises my best memories, and serves as my greatest passion. I was never the tallest, strongest, or fastest kid on the field, but I was a student of the game. The strategy and innumerable intricacies were of interest from a young age. As I matured as a ballplayer I realized a firm grasp of these nuances would set me apart on the field. While my dreams of becoming an MLB player became unlikely during my high school years, my answer to that age-old question changed. When I answered, I said I wanted to work in baseball. Somehow, some way, I knew I wanted to spend my life surrounded by the game I loved so much. I was lucky enough to have baseball remain a part of my life as a college player at Tufts University.

At Tufts, my passion for the game continued to increase despite facing challenges getting on the field. Although my playing career came to an end last spring, I was asked to stay with the team as a student-manager. Serving as a student-manager provides me with an entirely new perspective and further reinforces the fact that I have so much to learn and still something to offer to the game. Last year, I worked extensively with the pitching staff (which was an eye-opening experience for a former middle infielder), and this year I will be doing film work and player development with the team. While I completed an investment banking internship in New York City last summer and will work as a banker full-time upon graduation, that urge to learn and work in baseball is still there. Matt Carlin and Jeff Adams are my good friends from Tufts, and I met Matt de Marte during our summer playing days in the heralded Westchester Rockland Wood Bat League (Go Cyclones). I began to follow SOTG and immediately thought to myself, “How can I get involved?” After reading the analytics articles and watching Matt’s famous Staturday videos, I reached out to Matt Carlin and asked if I can contribute. The SOTG team is making the rapidly evolving analytics discussion more accessible to players and fans. To this day, the game of baseball has had more of an impact on me than anything else in my life. I look forward to discussing these themes and helping players and fans of all ages have baseball be an integral part of their lives too.

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