Dillon Wagman – Director of Performance and Development

Baseball has been the center of my entire life from a very early age. It soon became a lifestyle, and I was committed to doing everything I could to succeed. Unfortunately at a young age, everything you know and everything you do is not always enough. My senior year of high school rolled around, and I only played 2 out of our 21 games due to two separate shoulder injuries. There was obviously a missing piece in my training that I was unaware of. I then began to worry whether or not I would be healthy enough to play in college, as I had just committed a few months earlier. When it was all said and done, the only thing that allowed me to return to the field was getting on a comprehensive strength-training program that was written to my specific needs. It was at this time that I became completely intrigued with strength training, and I chose to major in Exercise Science (I almost majored in physics…dodged a bullet there), at West Virginia Wesleyan College, where I would continue the play the game I love.

While at Wesleyan, I came in as a catcher, yet played every position on the field between the fall and spring seasons, with the height of my playing time coming my junior season as the teams closer. The more time I spent learning about the human body, the more infatuated I became with training. This led me to apply and ultimately accept a position as an intern strength coach at the renowned Cressey Sports Performance Center. The learning experience I had was priceless, and it was upon the completion of my internship where I would consume myself with strength training athletes, most specifically baseball players. Using what I learned, I programmed the entire off-season training regimen for our pitching staff, getting my first taste of experience at the collegiate level. When my time came to an end at Wesleyan, I graduated Cum Laude, with my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, and my Master’s Degree in Business Administration. 

Today I work as an independent strength coach, primarily targeting baseball players and other rotational athletes. Baseball is still a huge part of my life, and I am fortunate to continue to be involved in the sport in this way. My goal is to help as many athletes as I possibly can, so that no athlete would have to go through watching their senior year from the bench. I am a certified mobility specialist (FRC), and a certified assessment specialist (FRA), so I take a very individualized approach to training each athlete. Preventing injury is first and foremost my biggest priority. Performance will come with intelligent training that is designed for your body.

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