Jamie Weiss – Analytics Writer

Baseball has always been a massive part of my life.  From early morning winter practices to mid-summer double headers in the 100 degree weather, I find myself thinking about baseball all the time.  After graduating high school, I was lucky enough to be given the chance to extend my baseball career 4 more years at Tufts University.  Coming from Long Island, where baseball would always come second to other sports like lacrosse, I was unbelievably excited to start competing alongside extremely talented players for the first time in my life.  I knew going into college I wanted to study Computer Science of some sort. It ran in my family, and after studying some of it on my own during high school, I knew I wanted to code! It was after my first semester freshman year, when I discovered my love for Data Science. I always loved math and analytics.  I liked looking at data and using equations to extrapolate from that data. Around this time, I learned from a professor about the field of applying data analytics to computer science. I immediately fell in love with this idea and began working endlessly to teach myself as much as possible about Data Science in my free time, doing my own projects in parallel with this.  In the summer after my freshman year of college, I was lucky enough to receive an offer to work as a Software Engineer for the New England Patriots. This experience was eye opening to me and really was the first time I realized the need for Data Science in sports analytics. I had tons of ideas about how to apply Data Science to baseball and wanted to explore as much as I could.  SOTG was a perfect opportunity to do this, and write about it too.

Currently, I am a sophomore pitcher at Tufts University as well as an incoming cyber security intern in New York City.  Overall, I love to focus my projects on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I strongly believe that given a good dataset, there are ways to extrapolate and predict from that data, using our computing power, that humans can’t comprehend yet.  I hope to change the world for the better one day using this concept and it starts here at SOTG.

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