Zach Adee – Analytics Writer

            One of the earliest memories I have is of me and my dad playing baseball on our front lawn.  I can remember pitching to my dad at 4 years old and him denting my tee-ball bat when he took me deep.  I have always possessed an intense passion for the game, and as I grew up watching and playing baseball, my love only grew more and more.  I excelled at an early age and throughout my early travel ball years.  In high school, I played all 4 years on varsity, predominantly contributing from the bench until starting my senior season as a utility player. I got chances at various spots before settling in and splitting my time between 1B and 3B in my last season.  In my 4 years with the team, we advanced to 3 state tournaments, winning it all during my sophomore year.

When I was young, I always wanted to be an architect, but that changed in 2014 when I watched Stuart Scott speak at the ESPY’s.  In that moment of emotion and sadness, I recognized for the first time the close-knit community of the sport industry, and I resolved to pursue a career in sports one way or another.  In high school, I was always advanced in math and as a senior decided to take a dual enrollment math modelling course offered at my school.  One of the projects we worked on involved entering the SABR Analytics: Diamond Dollars Case Competition in Phoenix, AZ.  The case involved maximizing launch angle for a handful of players and forecasting their resulting season long statistics.  Having already had an interest in sabermetrics in baseball, this project allowed me to explore and grow my interest in baseball analytics.  Now a student at Syracuse University majoring in Sport Management with minors in Public Communications and Sport Analytics, I plan to explore new ideas and offer different perspectives to issues in baseball.  I hope that my love for the game will show and help contribute to the advancement of analysis in the world of baseball.

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