Brendan McGuigan – Head of Operations

For as long as I can remember my life has been centered around baseball. The game of baseball has taught me endless life lessons that have shaped me as a person in more ways than I can possibly count. Throughout my baseball journey, I have learned lessons dealing with failure, adversity, and perseverance. My baseball career has been riddled with ups and downs and taken me to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. From a low-profile, under-the-radar high school prospect to earning a spot in the weekend rotation at a Division I program as a Freshman, to fully tearing my UCL Opening Weekend as a Sophomore, my career path has been nothing short of adventurous.

I am from Austin, Texas and am currently a Redshirt Senior at the University of Richmond.  As I have battled adversity throughout my career, I am constantly forced to be a ‘student of the game’. Whether it was sitting in my room as a high schooler researching long toss and weighted ball programs to help increase my velocity, or my Sophomore year sifting through Tommy John rehab and recovery articles, I have always had a hunger to educate myself to become the best, healthiest, and most successful pitcher I can be. Most recently, this drive has led me to rethink the ways I train and even the ways I approach pitching mechanics by learning to master correct movement patterns that will translate to the field. Through SOTG, I plan on sharing the knowledge I have gained through my experiences to help athletes like me who are constantly looking for more information to better themselves.

With an undergraduate degree in Rhetoric and Communications, I will put my writing/communications background to use as an editor for SOTG. Additionally, I am working towards a graduate certificate in Human Resource Management.

It is an exciting time to be a baseball player with the abundance of resources available to athletes. Technology has been harnessed to improve every facet of the game, from pitching and hitting to training and recovery. That is why I am excited to be a part of SOTG; to help guide this new generation of baseball players through providing direct experience and practical knowledge. Everyone deserves a chance to reach their full potential in this game that we all love dearly, and with SOTG, I hope to help serve as a resource in any athlete’s baseball journey.

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