Quantifying the Effect of Outfield Size

Jeff Adams

New SOTG writer Jeff Adams first piece looks to quantify the effect the size of an outfield has on offensive production!

2018-2019 Top 50 Free Agents

Matthew de Marte, Matt Carlin, and Jeff Adams

This is the class we have all been waiting for. Now lets check out the top 50 free agents with contract projections, and where we think they will all land!

Analyzing the Market for Manny Machado

Matt Carlin

Manny Machado is projected to make roughly $300 million. The question is, where will he go? In this piece, Matt analyzes the Machado market, and who should be the contenders for him and gives his prediction as to where he will land!

What Should the Nationals do Regarding Bryce Harper?

Matthew de Marte

Bryce Harper may sign the most lucrative free agent deal in baseball history. His former employer, very much wants to retain his services. In this piece I analyze whether or not that would be a good idea, and make a suggestion for their strategy regarding Bryce.

The 2018 Home Run Report

Matthew de Marte

In 2017 batters set a record for most home runs hit in a single season. In 2018 that number fell drastically. I analyzed the decline in home run balls, mainly due to juiced balls, but also took a deeper look at batted balls, and the leagues adjustment to try and hit the ball hard and in the air.

World Series Odds Using wRD

Matthew de Marte

wRD has more applications than just Power Rankings. Using wRD Win % you can get odds for each postseason team, and eventually get World Series odds. This piece, details that process, and then subsequently gives postseason odds for each time!

SOTG Final 2018 MLB Power Rankings

Matthew de Marte

The final edition of the SOTG Power Rankings for 2018. Find out where your team ranked among all 30 according to wRD Win %!

How the Yankees Should Bullpen the Wild Card Game

Matt Carlin

Last year in the 2017 Wild Card game, the Yankees were forced to remove Luis Severino after only recording one out and bullpenned their way back into the game. This year against a more formidable opponent, to avoid an early exit they should bullpen from the start.

SOTG Podcast: Intro to Analytics

In this episode of the SOTG Podcast, Matthew goes into detail on some of the basic principles that govern Sabermetrics, and he describes the process of why advanced metrics are better at evaluating performance than traditional statistics!

SOTG MLB Power Rankings 3

Matthew de Marte

The third edition of the SOTG MLB Power Rankings!

Short-Stop Analytics #9: The Triple Crown in 2018

Matthew de Marte

The Triple Crown has long been the most exclusive club on hitters on earth. With sabermetrics now playing a prominent role in mainstream baseball culture what do we make of the Triple Crown? This article breaks down how statistical evaluation has evolved past the Triple Crown, and rendered it ineffective at determining baseballs best hitter.

Short-Stop Analytics #8: Analyzing a Twitter Poll

Matthew de Marte

In this edition of Short-Stop analytics we look at a Twitter poll, and see what the actual answer to the question is. We find out of the options of the poll, what the true gold standard for hitters and pitchers is.

Short-Stop Analytics #7: Quantifying the Coors Effect Using Statcast

Matthew de Marte

In this edition of Short-Stop analytics, we look at the Coors effect. We aim to specifically look at what kind of batted balls does Coors aid hitters most on compared to league average to better understand what makes it the hitters paradise it is.

SOTG MLB Power Rankings 2

Matthew de Marte

The second edition of the SOTG MLB power rankings!

SOTG Podcast Episode 2: 2018 Trade Deadline

Matthew de Marte and Ethan Moore

SOTG President Matthew de Marte and Trackman Intern and aspiring analyst Ethan Moore talk about the 2018 non-waiver trade deadline. They discuss their winners, losers, and the short and long term impact of this years deadline!

SOTG Podcast Episode 1: What it Means to be an Analytically Minded Player

Matthew de Marte and Pete Bayer

SOTG’s first podcast. President Matthew de Marte and Throwing Specialist Pete Bayer discuss what it means to them to be an analytically minded player and much more!

SOTG MLB Power Rankings

Matthew de Marte

Power Rankings are a staple of sports content. In this article I create my own power rankings based off of an objective formula I created. In the future we will continue to evaluate how well the Algorithm is at evaluating performance and predicting future performance.

Short-Stop Analytics #6: Lets Talk About Launch Angle

Matthew de Marte

Launch Angle has become a buzzword with not much meaning behind it, and the definition and application of it has become mixed up in mainstream baseball media. In this piece I attempt to set the record straight on launch angle and introduce a better way to utilize it in player evaluation.

Short-Stop Analytics #5: The Rays Made Baseball History

Matthew de Marte

The Rays made history on Saturday May 19th, and Sunday May 20th when they deployed Sergio Romo as their starting pitcher. A reliever who recorded a combined 7 outs during the two starts. In this addition of Short-Stop analytics I analyze The Opener and how viable a strategy it can be for teams.

Blast Motion Sensor: Correlation to On-Field Performance and How to Better Utilize it

Matthew de Marte

The first study SOTG has performed. For the past four months, I looked into the Blast Motion sensor to see how well performance on it correlated to on-field performance. After identifying whether or not the sensor was useful in predicting a players performance, and evaluating their swing, looking at which specific metrics should be focused on to best enhance a players swing and development.

Short-Stop Analytics #4: An Attempt to Bridge the Gap from Old School to New

Matthew de Marte

Since launching SOTG one complaint I have heard often is everything that baseball analytics cannot do. In this piece I attempt to bridge the gap from old school to new. As someone who is fully invested in analytics place in baseball, I give my best shot at explaining why you should believe in analytics with some evidence of how this sort of analysis can lead to one becoming more educated about baseball and will gain a better perspective regarding it.

Season Preview Part 2: Season and Awards Predictions

Matthew de Marte, Jonathan de Marte, Jack Landess

The entire Students of the Game team worked together to give their predictions for the 2018 season. SOTG team members give their Awards and playoff predictions in this article. Like the first preview, some are statistically backed, and some are not.

2018 Season Preview Part 1: Bold Predictions

Matthew de Marte

As part 1 of our season preview series, this article features my ten bold predictions for the 2018 season. Some are statistically backed, some are not, but this is a fun piece where I get to share some of my personal opinions.

Short-Stop Analytics #3: Should Christian Yelich be Elevating More?

Matthew de Marte

Christian Yelich is one of the premier center fielders in baseball and is already a well above league average hitter. In this Short-Stop Analytics piece, I explore whether or not elevating more could benefit Yelich as a player and make him a more productive hitter.

Short-Stop Analytics #2: A Potential Evolution for the Shift

Matthew de Marte

Every team in Major League Baseball employs some sort of shift, and every year teams benefit from it by preventing hits through the positioning of fielders based on studying spray charts of opposing players. Can organizations become more creative with their shifts? In this article, I explore the possibility of the four-man outfield and if it would be beneficial for teams.

Short-Stop Analytics #1: The Death of the Sac Bunt

Matthew de Marte

The sac bunt has died. In this exploratory analytics piece, I go behind the numbers that have influenced teams’ decisions to limit the number of times they sac bunt. I analyze and explain the numbers to better understand when, if ever, it is a good time to sac bunt.

Statcast Skills to Team Wins

Matthew de Marte

Statcast has changed the way we consume and analyze baseball forever. In this piece, I use the coding application Rstudio to find what statcast skills correlate best to team wins. It is an exploratory piece looking to see if there are any specific skills teams can focus on that would help generate more wins.

Potential Breakout Candidate: Tyler Chatwood

Matthew de Marte

In this piece, I look into the statistical profile of new Cubs righty Tyler Chatwood. I argue that what Chatwood has accomplished in his career to date may not be the best Tyler Chatwood, and with a change to his pitch arsenal, he could potentially be a valuable member of the Cubs’ rotation and a well above-average pitcher.


The Angels Should Still Be Looking To Buy

Matthew de Marte

In this post, I examine the offseason additions the Angels have made and how they are upgrades over the players who occupied these positions during the 2017 season. I then give reasons why the Angels should continue to make additions and bolster their core to maximize their current window of contention.