SOTG Podcast Episode 4: Jonathan de Marte

This episode of the SOTG Podcast features professional pitcher and SOTG Vice President Jonathan de Marte. In our discussion, we cover a variety of topics focused mainly on his second season of professional baseball and his time spent in the prestigious Atlantic League. We also talk about the metrics Jonathan looks at, what the future holds for him and more!

Catching Craig Kimbrel

Matthew de Marte

This winter I had the incredible opportunity to catch a bullpen for Red Sox all-star closer Craig Kimbrel. In this article, I share what I learned from watching how one of the best relievers in baseball goes about his work.

Offseason Throwing Programs

Jonathan de Marte

Offseason throwing can be confusing for young pitchers, and it can be hard to structure a plan that helps increase velocity, mechanics, and arm health. I share my findings after putting a group of pitchers through an offseason throwing program I wrote, and share some insights into what I have learned on the matter through my own career.

Disrupting Timing

Jonathan de Marte

The newest trend in pitching is pitchers mixing up their delivery to throw hitters off balance. I share my thoughts on this phenomenon and whether or not incorporating different deliveries in your repertoire is beneficial for you.

Back Foot Connectivity In Pitching

Jonathan de Marte

For my first pitching article, I wanted to explore a part of the delivery I have struggled with in my career that I focused a lot on in my offseason training to fix. Keeping your back foot connected to the release of the ball is an important part of a pitcher’s delivery, and I explain why and how to achieve it.