Player Progressions

Player Progressions will feature evidence of progress and advancements athletes have made in their respective movements, mechanics, and facets of the game as a result of training. We will offer content from players of all levels of the industry to show that anyone can make the necessary adjustments so long as you invest in yourself and follow the right people! If you would like a feature in our Player Progression segment, please contact us at, or text/call 914-393-4444 (Matthew) 914-262-1232 (Jonathan). Make sure to include what you are working on, how you are working to improve, and video or photo attachment of the progress you have made or are making.

Player Progression Feature #2: Pat Mcgee

Matthew de Marte

Pat Mcgee is a freshman shortstop at SUNY Oneonta. Pat and I worked a lot to create a better, more efficient swing. This progression discusses the changes Pat has made, and what went into his transformation as a player.

Player Progression Feature #1: Luke Bolka

Jonathan de Marte

Luke Bolka pitched at East Carolina University, where he graduated from in 2017. Luke is currently a free agent looking to play independent ball. This progression details some mechanical and anatomical adjustments Luke has made to be a better pitcher.